Our Story

The Butcher & The Baker

The Butcher & The Baker is owned and operated by long-time Telluride local Megan Ossola. Our bakery and café specializes in handcrafted, fresh and local cuisine. We feature handmade breads and artisan pastries, fresh salads composed of local greens, fruit and vegetables, locally sourced and house-roasted meats, cheeses, handmade sausages, and sustainably harvested fish.  We use only local organic eggs in all of our dishes, local dairies for our milk and use only compostable and recyclable packaging. Our bar carries Colorado breweries on tap, locally crafted small-batch spirits and an assortment of organic and biodynamic wines.

Megan Ossola spent much of her childhood in her family’s kitchen in Washburn, Wisconsin. The celebration of food, particularly its intricate preparation, is an enormous part of her life. She learned the art of cooking from both her mother and father who were very creative in the kitchen. Her dedication to using the freshest organic ingredients comes from her grandfather, a farmer from Illinois.

Megan received a BA from Reed College in Portland, Oregon where she spent many evenings concocting lavish creations for friends. After college, she spent a number of years working in restaurants across the country where she gained inspiration from regional styles and expertise from other culinary masters.

She moved to Telluride in 1996, and began working as a private chef for local families and visitors in 2000. Her favorite room in any house is still the kitchen.